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Current News:

May 2023: The materials of and for Clark County and the surrounding counties in both Illinois and Indian will be moving to the Marshall Public Library the first week of June 2023. At that point communication regarding research requests will take place through them. Before the actual days of moving the exact means of research contact will be finalized and announced both here and on our Facebook page.

Physical location:  Continuing problems with our building has had us looking to relocate. The problems are now structural and far too expensive for a nonprofit to attempt to fix. We will likely end up with our materials being moved to the Marshall Public Library on Archer Ave. This move will occur sometime within the next 2 years. We believe our building will hold together that long. 

Walldogs Created Beautiful Mural:  In September 2013, The Walldogs visited the Clark County Genealogical Library to paint a mural on the side of the building.  The talented artists impressed and inspired many.  The mural is quite beautiful!  Come see it!  

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